Welcome to KiddyKare International Kindergarten in Bangkok.

We are one of the few international kindergartens that have set footprints since 1994 and our commitment is to execute a solid broad based quality education that fosters a multicultural mindset for students to easily transition to any private and or international school locally or abroad. We wholeheartedly take pride in our curriculum and programmes when we see how far our students have progressed in their lives professionally as well as personally abroad as well as locally in Thailand.

At KiddyKare, we truly Kare!

There is no greater reward than seeing our little kiddies develop and grow in front of us. Not only do we want them to succeed in their careers, we extend ‘Kare’ by imparting moral and life skills that will help them to become better human beings (better kiddies) in additional to being successful individuals. We can proudly yet humbly say that this is one of the aspects that make our kindergarten different from others.


About KiddyKare

Moral and life skills are explained by sharing examples, recognizing good behaviors and creating specific classroom settings to further encourage appropriate behaviors.  Our kiddies are constantly reminded to apply Kare on a regular basis:


Knowing & learning
what is right/wrong as well as good/bad;

Accepting others
for how they look, where they come from or what they can do;

teachers, staff members and other fellow students;

their own opinions and encouraging others to do the same; 

All our kiddies are the same for us and we understand every child is brilliant and different in his/her own ways. However, KiddyKare’s mission is to deploy a ‘moral way of learning’ lifestyle that is one common language to be practiced by all. It all stems from the school’s continuous commitment to maintain an unbiased and friendly environment that does not discriminate against any race, nationality, religion, gender or abilities. 

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We are also known as one of the best international kindergartens to personally connect, give time and attention to both students and parents individually. We are confident with the experiences we provide because we believe in valuing and nourishing student-teacher-parent relationships from Nursery all the way to K3.

Thanks to technology, parents are thoroughly connected to their children’s journeys via applications, progress report cards and parent/teacher meetings. Parents don’t have to wait that long, even at pick up/drop off, a quick interaction with teachers to ask how the day went is very common; now that is some real connection! 

Our vibe speaks for itself; humility, warmth, care – this is what we work towards

from the minute your child enters the school…. 

to the staff that they meet… 

to the food they eat… 

to the facilities that they use…

You know your child is taken Kare of at KiddyKare.

KiddyKare International Kindergarten

 59/34 Soi Sukhumvit 26 Khwang Khlong Ton, Khet Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110

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            ☎  026-656-777 (School Office)
                  089-200-8896 (School Tour)
   ✉  kkare@kiddykare.ac.th