KiddyKare is committed to providing all students with a quality early childhood education in an environment that is warm, friendly, attentive and caring.   The School does not discriminate against gender, ability, nationality, culture and religion.  We offer a solid broad-based education that fosters a multi-cultural mind set that will ensure a smooth transition into any state, private or international school locally or abroad.  We do not ‘’sell’’ teachers, our objective in the exact order, is to provide: Safety, Wellbeing & Knowledge.



Quality Time: All the Time! We take great pride in this philosophy and practice it on a daily basis.



KiddyKare recently celebrated its 24th anniversary and is committed to serving the city with quality and loyalty.   Our quality education and purpose-built School enjoys the accreditation from the Ministry of Education and  Department of Social Welfare (Ministry of Social Development and Human Security) and we continue to develop and modernize as we grow.


Welcome to KiddyKare, your child’s second home!